Remembering CWA Local 3808 President Debbie Sisco

“For anyone that has ever led a volunteer effort, political campaign or organization, you know that getting participation is hard work. The Super Volunteer/Leader is invaluable to the success of your program. Debbie Sisco was such a Super Leader. She wanted to know your plan, what it would cost and how you planned to implement it. She asked tough questions! Once she supported you and the plan, she actively helped you make whatever it was successful.

Debbie and I both started out as Union activists. Over the years we both took on larger roles and responsibilities. She was always there no matter what. She never sought the spotlight or promotion, she just did the work! When Debbie was elected President of CWA Local 3808, she made sure that she had as many active volunteers as possible. Under Debbie’s leadership, the CWA in their red shirts showed up and were one of the largest and most enthusiastic Unions in our CLC. Unless she had other commitments, Debbie was faithful in her presence, participation and dedication to our movement and working families.

As a leader Debbie focused on developing others. When she gave you her word it meant something, and she was firm and fair.  Her absence will leave an incredible leadership void that will never be filled. Her legacy will continue to be seen and make a difference through the activism of the many others she shaped and encouraged.”

-Vonda McDaniel, President, Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee