Count Every Vote: A Statement on Last Night's Election Results

As we start our day today, as expected, we still do not have a clear picture of the final results of the Presidential election. But do not be disheartened, Brothers and Sisters. This was exactly the scenario we anticipated.

We knew that the counting in several key states would last past Election Day. We knew that in these key states, the initial counts would put the President ahead, but as early votes and absentee ballots are counted, Joe Biden will gain ground. That’s because the Democrats, concerned about the health and safety of voters, encouraged Americans to utilize vote-by-mail and early voting as a way to keep people safe during a worldwide pandemic that is gaining speed. This was anticipated. Biden has surpassed the popular vote Obama had in 2008. He's now gotten more votes than ANY presidential candidate in history.

Also, as anticipated, the president attempted to declare victory and stop counting ballots well before every vote was tallied. We were prepared for this, and will take action, if necessary, to make sure that every vote is counted and our democracy is upheld. We the voters will decide the next president, not the candidates nor the courts.

Make no mistake, Brothers and Sisters, our democracy is winning. When working people turned out in record numbers, braving long lines and a deadly virus, to make our voices heard, and when our dedicated poll workers and local election authorities are working round the clock to count every vote, we are all doing our part to uphold our democracy.

Regardless of the outcome, we still have our work to do. Working families are still suffering under this deadly pandemic. Wages are still too low. Too many Tennesseans don’t have health care coverage. Too many people are still unemployed. Racial justice and equity need to be achieved. Our schools are underfunded and not safe to return to. Our infrastructure is crumbling. We are watching our fellow Southern states turn purple and blue, and we know that Tennessee is next in line. Together we will fight for that day. And together we will win.

In Solidarity,
Vonda McDaniel
Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle TN