Act Now: Save Bordeaux Long Term Care Facility

For more than 50 years, the Bordeaux Long Term Care Facility has provided a vital service to our community. Now, in the middle of a global pandemic, Mayor Cooper is rushing to close the facility at breakneck speed, endangering the lives of residents and the jobs of our brothers and sisters of SEIU Local 205 who serve there caregivers.

Please contact Metro Council and tell them to Save the Bordeaux Long Term Care facility!

Many long term care residents are at high risk for Covid-19. It is dangerous in normal times to move such residents, particularly in Winter. Additionally, our city should be doing everything possible to protect jobs in this moment. Instead, Mayor Cooper's administration has not negotiated with the current operator and has made no effort to find an emergency operator to step in. Nashville General Hospital used to run the facility and has said they could again if the Mayor wants to them to. For some reason the Mayor's Office continues to claim that Nashville General cannot do it or does not want to.

Please join us in urging our Metro Council to act immediately to stop the wind down of Bordeaux Long Term Care and take action to protect the residents and the employees.