Workers Memorial Day 2016


Thanks to everyone who joined us to commemorate Workers Memorial Day.

Every day 150 workers in America die from job injuries and occupational diseases. On Workers Memorial Day we commemorate those we lost and press forward for stronger protections for safer workplaces. President Obama’s administration passed new rules to protect workers from deadly silica dust and toughened enforcement for serious safety violations. But that isn’t enough. Working people face dangers from toxic chemicals, safety hazards and growing threats like workplace violence. They need stronger safety and health protections on the job.

Big businesses have gotten away with putting profits over people for way too long. Every day many of our family members are walking into dangerous working conditions. Some go to work and never return home. Last year in our state, 178 workers were killed on the job. It is time for lawmakers and big business to put workers first and do more to ensure that working people do not have to worry about their lives and their limbs when they go to work every single day.

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