School Board Elections Reward Community Support

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We would like to congratulate our endorsed school board candidates Jill Speering, Will Pinkston, and Amy Frogge on their victories on August 4, 2016. Our 4th endorsed candidate, Janette Carter received over 3,200 votes in her first bid for an elected public office. We commend her on running a great race and congratulate her opponent, Sharon Gentry on her victory. In District 5, Christiane Buggs ran an outstanding grassroots campaign and we look forward to her voice on the board as well.

The Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee represents almost 20,000 working families. We endorsed these candidates because they support our core issues: high-quality education for all students in Nashville, fair treatment and compensation of teachers and support staff, and investing our tax dollars back into our communities.

This summer, CLC volunteers committed their personal time making a difference in their communities. Volunteers spent their weekends and afternoons leading up to the election contacting union members and households in support of our endorsed candidates. In total, our volunteers made over 3,000 phone calls and door knocks throughout the campaign.

Our volunteers’ efforts were especially important to this election. We were up against an unprecedented amount of out-of-state, special interest money. Stand for Children, a pro-charter school organization, spent more than $200,000 on its five endorsed candidates. In the end, they came up short. All but one of their endorsed candidates lost, proving again that grassroots, community support is worth far more than outside money.

Nashville voters rejected outside interference in their local elections. Instead, they voiced their overwhelming support for candidates that treat teachers, bus drivers, custodians and cafeteria workers with dignity, and for a school system that ensures every student has access to quality, public education. When working people come together, our voice is strong. This election was proof of that.

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School Board Elections Reward Community Support
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School Board Elections Reward Community Support