Endorsements for 2019 Metro Nashville Elections

The Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee represents thousands of union members from the industrial, commercial, service, construction, and public sectors. For the past month, we have been collecting questionnaires and interviewing candidates in every Metro Nashville district and race. Following this thorough screening process, our diverse affiliates agree that the following candidates are the best candidates for working families in Davidson County.

With nearly 10,000 union members and their families residing in Metro Nashville, the Central Labor Council is committed to educate our members and get out the vote to win these seats for labor endorsed candidates.

Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities, including phone banking, door knocking, and postcard writing!



Mayor: John Ray Clemmons

Vice-Mayor: Jim Shulman

At Large: Burkley Allen

Fabian Bedne

Sharon Hurt

Gicola Lane

Bob Mendes

Gary Moore

Zulfat Suara

District 1: no endorsement

District 2: Kyonzte Toombs

District 3: no endorsement

District 4: Mike Cortese

District 5: no endorsement

District 6: Brett Withers

District 7: no endorsement

District 8: no endorsement

District 9: no endorsement

District 10: Zach Young

District 11: no endorsement

District 12: Erin Evans

District 13: Russ Bradford

District 14: no endorsement

District 15: no endorsement

District 16: Ginny Welsch

District 17: Colby Sledge

District 18: Tom Cash

District 19: Freddie O’Connell

District 20: no endorsement

District 21: Ed Kindall

District 22: Gloria Hausser

District 23: no endorsement

District 24: Kathleen Murphy

District 25: no endorsement

District 26: no endorsement

District 27: Robert Nash

District 28: Tanaka Vercher

District 29: Delishia Porterfield

District 30: Sherry Jones

Sandra Sepulveda

District 31: John Rutherford

District 32: Cheryl Mayes

District 33: Antoinette Lee

District 34: no endorsement

District 35: Dave Rosenberg

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Can we please take this post down or amend it? It still has the original slate of endorsed candidates, including the 6 who voted against a living wage and equitable budget.