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Don’t Take Union Workers Vote for Granted


Following the Central Labor Council’s August monthly meeting, President Vonda McDaniel released the following statement: 


Racking up endorsements for candidates is a strategy when seeking office to get organizational support for their campaigns. These endorsements mean financial resources, but also aid in driving voters from that organization’s membership base to the polls.


In the past, the Union endorsement process has been at times driven by personal relationships that many running for office/elected officials took for granted. Union members spend their valuable time and resources engaging in a process that has resulted increasingly in a system rigged by corporate interests against working families.   


No more. The Central Labor Council of Nashville/Middle TN and the 20,000 working families represented will only endorse candidates that have a clearly articulated vision and a proven track record that addresses our values and priorities. Focusing on these priorities will not just improve lives for our dues paying members, it will make Nashville and Middle Tennessee a place where everyone can thrive, no matter our differences.


Our priorities include but are not limited to:


  • Greater staffing levels for firefighters, police and emergency communications
  • Investment in strong public education
  • Living wages for all public employees
  • Affordable housing
  • Sidewalks in our neighborhoods
  • Infrastructure investment
  • Union apprenticeship utilization
  • Transparency in government decision making
  • Utilization of “high road” contractors
  • Transit equity and investment


In the noise of the Mayor’s race, Union members want to hear a clear plan on these priorities. We do not believe that either candidate has adequately demonstrated a plan on these issues or a history of prioritizing them. Therefore, no endorsement will be made in the Mayor’s race, and we challenge both candidates to have an open and honest debate about a realistic path forward for our city.


In District 7, Emily Benedict was endorsed because she has listed as her priorities as living wage jobs, investment in education, infrastructure and transportation. Once elected we look forward to working with her to advance moving these priorities in our city.



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