"Secrets of a Successful Organizer" Training Draws 40 Union and Community Leaders



On July 16, 40 Middle Tennessee union and community members and leaders came together for a one day "Secrets of a Successful Organizer" training. We learned how to beat apathy, build our dream team, and how to turn an issue into a campaign. This training was organized by Labor Notes, a labor publication, research, and education organization based in Detroit, the Central Labor Council, and SOCM, Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment. 

"This training was awesome!" said Marla Mabone, member of ATU Local 1235, one of six CLC affiliates who sent members to the training. "We learned how to organize a campaign to fix any problems we might be facing."  

Labor Notes also put on the "Secrets of a Successful Organizer" training in Memphis and Knoxville and trained around 140 total Tennessee union and community members. 

"This training was really excellent and very helpful," reported Sam Schaefer, Graduate Student at MTSU and new United Campus Worker-CWA Local 3865 member. "It taught me new ways of thinking about organizing and was very open to people like me who are new to unions. I learned the importance of thinking strategically about helping to move people up in terms of commitment to the union." 

During the lunchtime break, attendees learned about the UAW organizing drive at the Nissan plant in Canton, MS, and took turns getting their pictures made for social media with signs of support for the workers organizing their union. 

Later that week, the Central Labor Council sent Middle Tennessee union women to the UALE's Southern Women's Workers School hosted by the Highlander Center in East Tennessee and conducted the "Beating Apathy" workshop as part of the School. 


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