Corker, Black and Haslam: Tennessee’s Own 1 Percenters



Corker, Black and Haslam: 

Tennessee’s Own 1 Percenters

Senator Corker’s “filing errors” highlight a larger problem.  High ranking GOP in Tennessee accrue wealth while pursuing policies that hurt working families 

Last week news broke that Tennessee’s US Senator Bob Corker failed to properly disclose millions of dollars in stock purchases. He blamed these mistakes on “filing errors.”  Notwithstanding the long ties Senator Corker has to CBL & Associates and the 45 times he has bought and sold their stock, it is easy to see how a few million dollars could go unnoticed by one of the wealthiest politicians in the country.

In August of last year, the Tennessean ran a story titled, Corker among wealthiest members of congress, detailing how Senator Corker is worth an estimated $49.11 million according to the Center for Responsive Politics.  

But Corker is not unique in Tennessee.  Representative Diane Black was listed this year as the 10th richest member of Congress, coming in at a minimum of $45.95 million.

But neither Corker nor Black come close to being the richest politician in Tennessee.  Governor Bill Haslam is not only the richest politician in Tennessee, but also in the entire country.  While Governor Haslam seeks to outsource even more jobs to a company in which he invested and amidst claims of conflict of interest with his family-owned company Pilot Flying J, his net worth has exploded to a staggering $2 billion.

Last week, a new study showed that the median balance for American’s 401(k) accounts was $18,433, meaning Senator Corker and Representative Black are each worth more than 2,000 times that amount, and Governor Haslam an almost unbelievable 108,500 times that amount.  

Put in simpler terms, Governor Haslam is worth as much as the savings 108,500 working families.

That is the equivalent of 60% of the population of Knoxville when he was the Mayor.  

Despite their immense wealth, Senator Corker, Representative Black and Governor Haslam spend their time making it harder for working people to get ahead.  Representative Black voted for the Republican Study Committee budget which would end Medicare by turning it into a premium support system, and Senator Corker infamously intimidated workers during a union election at the UAW plant in Chattanooga.

Governor Haslam is “not a fan of living wage,” and he signed into law a bill banning local governments from raising their minimum wage.  In 2013, Haslam outsourced 126 state employees to a company he had invested in, and now he is attempting to outsource another two thirds of state workers to the same company.

Gov. Haslam, Rep. Black and Sen. Corker continue to fight for the 1 percent over the working families of TN.

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Corker, Black and Haslam: Tennessee’s Own 1 Percenters
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