Nashville - One of the Most Dangerous Cities for Construction Workers


A study released by Partnership for Working Families, based on survey information collected by Workers DignityStand Up Nashville, the Building Trades Council, and others, found Nashville to be one of the most dangerous cities for construction workers in the nation. Workers and unions gathered to present the study's findings and give testimonies at a press conference yesterday (news stories' links below). To request a copy of the study, email 

Workers told of having to work with no water in summer heat, of an unsafe work culture that puts pressure on workers to go faster and work harder, rampant injuries that went unreported, and having their wages stolen. Metro Council Members Fabian Bedne and Anthony Davis said that the city needed to work harder to enforce already existing safety and labor standards and to incentivize private contractors to improve safety conditions. 

These recommendations were released for building a high-road construction industry in Nashville:

  1. Transparency for all city-funded projects
  2. Pass local legislation that holds construction contractors and their subcontractors accountable for unsafe working conditions, wage theft and violations of labor laws
  3. Full enforcement of all state and federal wage and hour laws
  4. Create partnerships and lift up certified apprenticeship programs that offer a pathway to career jobs
  5. Urge all general contractors to stop using temp agencies, which often misclassify skilled workers and general laborers
  6. No criminalization of workers on job sites, including no E-Verify or ICE on construction sites and adhering "Ban the Box" policies so people with felon records have access to quality construction jobs

 Links to news articles: 

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