August 2015 CLC Endorsements

As you know, largely due to term limits, more than 2/3 of our city Council and our city Mayor will be

elected on Thursday August 6. Since February, the Central Labor Council of Nashville/Middle TN has

worked to develop a comprehensive list of affiliate issues, challenges and priorities. With those mind, all

candidate contact was designed to be member-based, issue-focused and objective. We believe that the

final list of endorsements reflect our commitment to our members that issues come first, candidates

and parties second. We recognize our critical role as an independent voice for working families and we

take this very seriously. Our power and influence as a collective body is now in your hands. We urge all

Affiliate Unions to share the endorsements of the CLC with your members and their families and get

them to the polls. We have the power to effect the outcome of these elections and improve the lives of

working families in Nashville/Middle TN. We are Union and WE VOTE!  

- Vonda McDaniel, President CLC of Nashville and Middle TN







No Endorsement

Megan Barry

Favorable Recommendation

Charles Robert Bone

Favorable Recommendation

Bill Freeman

Favorable Recommendation

Howard Gentry

Favorable Recommendation

Jeremy Kane

Favorable Recommendation


Vice – Mayor

David Briley


Council At Large (5)

Buddy Baker

Erica Gilmore

Walter Hunt

Bob Mendes

Erin Colemen

Frank Harrison

Don Majors

Sandra Moore

John Cooper

Jason Holleman

Lonnell Matthews

Jim Shulman


Metro Council Districts

District 2

Robert “Bobby” Stockard

District 20

Mary Carolyn Roberts

District 5 

Scott Davis

District 21

Edward Kindall

District 6  

Peter Westerholm

District 22

Sheri Weiner

District 7 

Anthony Davis

District 25

Russ Pulley

District 8

Nancy VanReece

District 26

Jeremy Elrod

District 9    

Bill Pridemore

District 28

Tanaka Vercher

District 10

Douglas Pardue

District 29

Karen Johnson

District 11 

Larry Hagar

District 30

Jason Potts

District 15

Jeff Syracuse

District 31

Fabian Bedne

District 16

Mike Freeman

District 32

Jacobia Dowell

District 17  

Colby Sledge

District 33

Sam Coleman

District 18

Burkley Allen

District 34

Steve Butler

District 19

Freddie O’Connell

District 35

Dave Rosenberg

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