First Strategic Planning Meeting a Success


Thanks to all of the committed Union members who spent their Saturday helping to chart the direction of our CLC for the coming years.  The meeting was the first in a series of strategic planning meetings, which are an opportunity to step back from our day to day work and focus on how we can improve our CLC's ability to win victories for workers locally.  Discussions focused on creating a comprehensive plan for improving community engagement,  organizing, and political programs, as well as increasing our council's overall capacity.  It's clear- with so many challenges facing workers today the need for organization is greater than ever. This Saturday was an important first step towards making a stronger CLC.   There will be a report of our progress and emerging plan at the next CLC delegate meeting. The next strategy meeting is tentatively set for early October.

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Welcome New Affiliates SMART Locals 974 & 1346!


SMART Local 974 and 1346 have decided to affiliate with the CLC. Both locals were former United Transportation Union (UTU) local unions before the SMART merger. While new delegates are yet to be named, we look forward to working with them and finding ways to support their work. We couldn't wait to welcome them and share the good news! We truly are stronger together. 



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As a show of solidarity, CLC delegates voted unanimously last night to contribute to a hardship fund for locked out Kelloggs workers in Memphis TN.  The company that once marketed itself as worker friendly, has been trying for months to force concessions on its Memphis employees by locking them out of work.  The call for solidarity came from our community affiliate, Middle TN Jobs with Justice who started the ball rolling last week with a contribution of their own. We are urging all of our affiliated local unions and members to make solidarity contributions as well. 

We urge all union members to make informed decisions about what they purchase for breakfast and take action:

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Corsicana Workers Win $37,000 for Unfair Labor Practice

 Photo: From TUCS Facebook page

Congratulations to TUCS (Trabajadores Unidos de Corsicana en Shelbyville) who just won $37,000 from an Unfair Labor Practice case against Corsicana Bedding, Inc.

Corsicana agreed to pay the seven workers who originally formed TUCS $37,000.02 - roughly $5k per worker. The settlement comes just weeks before an upcoming trial for Unfair Labor Practices before the National Labor Relations Board, which charged that the employer retaliated against workers and violated their rights to organize through threats, harassment, and implied surveillance. 

In addition, the bosses must post a notice in its factory for all the workers to see. The workers were delighted with the result and hope it will serve to continue the momentum of their work for a workplace for a safe and equitable workplace.

(We will update this story in more depth but wanted to make sure good news spreads quickly).

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First “Tennessee Workers Rising” Training a Success!


Last weekend Workers' Dignity hosted workers from as far away as Knoxville, Shelbyville, Clarksville, and northern Alabama to an intensive two day workers’ organizing training.  The hands on training covered how to overcome fear in conversation, how to identify other workers’ issues, how to get real commitments from your co-workers, and how to be successful in each stage of a house call.  Day two covered how to chart your workplace, how to assess your campaign, how to prepare for a boss’s counter campaign, how to make first contacts, and how to know and enforce your legal rights to organize.   

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