Welcome Ironworkers' Local 492


Last month members of Ironworkers' Local 492 voted to affiliate with the Central Labor Council. With more than 300 active members strong, Local 492 has a proud history constructing much of Nashville's skyline.  Ironworkers' Union Members helped construct the LP field, the Music City Center, Korean Veterans Memorial Bridge, and countless other projects.  

"We're proud to welcome the Ironworkers into our Council. We look forward to learning from their perspective and experience as we continue our work together for more dignity, respect, and fairness for all workers." - Vonda McDaniel, CLC President.

Our CLC has now grown by five affiliates in the last 9 months representing a more than 10% growth in the number of workers represented by our Council. 

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Welcome Studio Mechanics IATSE Local 492


Welcome IATSE Local 492, Studio Mechanics of Tennessee and Northern Mississippi to the Central Labor Council. CLC delegates voted unanimously and enthusiastically to welcome this newest affiliate Thursday night. The local union represents about 200 film and television professionals in Middle Tennessee including many who make the ABC/Lionsgate TV series Nashville possible.

“Nashville has become an 'it city' in recent years in part because of high profile TV series like ABC's Nashville.  While the TV series is fictional, we know there are real men and men and women working hard behind scenes to make every project possible. We pledge our solidarity and support to those men and women, and look forward to working together to ensure the 'it city' has more high quality 'it careers' also deserving of national acclaim."  – Vonda McDaniel, President Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle TN

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2015-2017 Officers Elected


Welcome to new and returning CLC Executive Board members who were elected in December.

Special thanks to Michael Allen, for his many years of dedication to the local labor movement and service as a CLC officer. Michael chose not to run for the CLC Executive Board this term. His last official role was to swear in the newly elected board. We hope and trust that the newly elected board can equal Michael's commitment and passion for workers' rights. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do on behalf of workers.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year !!! We hope that this letter finds you renewed from spending time with friends and family and ready to embark on a new year full of opportunities. 

A strong and viable Union movement is a vital and important part of a thriving and robust economy.  Much has been written and discussed  about the "big" challenges facing Labor.  It is our challenge to build a movement in our community  that fights the political and legislative battles that  undermine the progress of working families; supports  affiliate Unions  in their efforts to gain ground at the bargaining table and increases the number of Union members that are active, involved and engaged in the advancement of positive economic and social justice in our community.

Our 2015 calendar starts out very busy....

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Welcome United Steel Workers Local 1155L


Pictured: USW Local 1155l Executive Board

The membership of United Steel Workers Local 1155L voted to affiliate with the Central Labor Council this week! More than 700 members strong,  this local represents workers who build truck bus radial tires for Bridgestone in Morrison TN. This local union has a long history of activism, community service, and leadership in the broader labor movement.

  "With so many challenges facing workers, uniting together under the umbrella of a Central Labor Councils is more relevant today than ever. Together we come to the defense of workers by organizing across industries throughout Middle Tennessee. We pledge to stand in solidarity with the members of USW Local 1155L, fighting for common issues, and supporting each other's struggles. We look forward to our new partnership which undoubtedly will strengthen our movement." -Vonda McDaniel, President Central Labor Council 


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