Welcome Jason Freeman to the Central Labor Council



We are pleased to introduce Jason Freeman as the Campaigns and Community Coordinator of the Nashville and Middle Tennessee Central Labor Council.  Hiring staff is the culmination of more than a year's worth of planning and aggressive capacity building by our CLC, which had always been run by an all volunteer basis. As Nashville grows, so must the voice of our more than 16,000 area union families.  

Jason will be working with our affiliate unions to build upon existing relationships among unions, community, civil rights, immigrant rights, voting rights and grassroots organizations and identify potential new relationships that would grow the capacity of the labor movement to represent the interests of all workers.  He will also take the lead on crafting our strategic plan for the CLC to continue to fight for working families in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. 

Jason is originally from New Hampshire and spent the last two years there working for American Bridge 21st Century on the 2014 US Senate and Congressional races, as well as the first in the nation presidential primary.  Prior to that he was a field organizer working for a candidate in the 2013 Boston, MA Mayoral election and the 2012 congressional campaign in the 8th District of Minnesota.  Before entering the political realm, Jason worked in the restaurant industry for over 10 years. 

In the coming weeks and months, Jason will be reaching out to members of the Central Labor Council to introduce himself and give updates on CLC campaigns and events.  Please feel free to contact him to introduce yourself!





Day of Action

Saturday August 29th 10:00am

Volunteer Door Knocking for Endorsed Candidates

2019 Buena Vista Pike


Labor Day Parade and Picnic

Saturday September 5th 3:00pm

St. Edwards Church

190 Thompson Lane

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CLC Unanimously Endorses Megan Barry for Mayor

For Immediate Release:  Thursday August 13th 2015


The Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee voted unanimously tonight to endorse Megan Barry in the upcoming Mayoral runoff election.  Anticipating a runoff the election, The CLC had withheld weighing in with a full endorsement for Mayor until after the August general election.

“For working people the choice is now crystal clear for Mayor. Megan Barry has an understanding and grasp of issues facing working men and women in Davidson County as well as a demonstrated history of advocating for working families.  Over the next month the CLC will be activating its membership and supporters to vote in this critical Davidson County election.  “  –Vonda McDaniel President of Nashville CLC

The CLC also moved to endorse Mina Johnson in Council District 23.

We congratulate the many CLC endorsed candidates who have already won.

See here for full list of endorsed runoff candidates.


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August 2015 CLC Endorsements

As you know, largely due to term limits, more than 2/3 of our city Council and our city Mayor will be

elected on Thursday August 6. Since February, the Central Labor Council of Nashville/Middle TN has

worked to develop a comprehensive list of affiliate issues, challenges and priorities. With those mind, all

candidate contact was designed to be member-based, issue-focused and objective. We believe that the

final list of endorsements reflect our commitment to our members that issues come first, candidates

and parties second. We recognize our critical role as an independent voice for working families and we

take this very seriously. Our power and influence as a collective body is now in your hands. We urge all

Affiliate Unions to share the endorsements of the CLC with your members and their families and get

them to the polls. We have the power to effect the outcome of these elections and improve the lives of

working families in Nashville/Middle TN. We are Union and WE VOTE!  

- Vonda McDaniel, President CLC of Nashville and Middle TN






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CLC Job Posting

Job Description:

Central Labor Council of Nashville/Middle TN Campaigns and Community Coordinator


Overview of Responsibilities

The Campaigns and Community Coordinator will be charged with developing and supporting working relationships between labor /community/immigrant rights/ civil rights/voting rights allies.  With direction from the President and Leadership team they will work with affiliate unions to develop and execute a unified strategic community and union member outreach and mobilization plan.

The Central Labor Council of  Nashville/Middle TN Campaigns and Community Coordinator will assist the central labor council in creating labor and community based coalitions and partnerships by engaging community-based immigrants rights, civil rights, faith-based, youth and student organizations, worker centers, and other progressive organizations and linking them with the local labor movement around campaigns and efforts that highlight working family issues to help advance a shared agenda around good jobs, access to quality health care, quality public education, affordable housing, racial justice, immigrants’ rights, environmental  stewardship and other social justice concerns.


Develop and Implement a Community Engagement Strategic Plan

  • Build and maintain communication structures and mechanisms for mobilization through a local union coordinator network, e-activist and other methods.
  • Work with affiliate unions within the CLC jurisdiction to map and analyze existing relationships among unions, community, civil rights, immigrant rights, voting rights and grassroots organizations and identify potential new relationships that would grow the capacity of the labor movement to represent the interests of all workers.
  • Develop a detailed plan for each targeted ally group, with the goal of building strategic and enduring relationships.
  • Assist local unions with earned media outreach when directed.

Develop and Implement a Grassroots Political Program

  • Work with Central Labor Council Leadership to determine campaign goals.
  • Work with unions along with progressive and political allies and community groups to determine shared goals and strategy around campaigns.
  • Conceptualize and construct the campaign plan including the drafting of a campaign budget, work plan and overall timeline.
  • Manage overall campaign operations while coordinating released staff and the integration and assignment of affiliate union resources.
  • Establish accountability systems to ensure that campaign goals are met, including the implementation of post-campaign debriefs and assessments.


Assist in carrying out all aspects of both plans including:

  • Identify, and support grassroots leaders within labor and the community to build capacity for collective action. 
  • Coordinate program and logistics for public events, mobilizations and other grass roots activity, as appropriate.
  • Perform administrative tasks as necessary to support the community-labor work - for example, create and monitor a database of community contacts and information; develop on-going communications with community allies, etc.
  • Ensure that local relationships with allied organizations are complementary to relationships that the AFL-CIO has at the national and local level.
  • Coordinate with National AFL-CIO in leadership development of union activist base at the central labor council level


  • 2 + years of union, community or political organizing experience.
  • Demonstrated organizing experience in building unity among diverse groups and in recruiting and mobilizing others to take action.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and drive effective and creative programs, convene and facilitate meetings and balance the interests of various stakeholders.
  • Spanish language or other language ability considered a positive asset.
  • Ability to work long hours and weekends as required.
  • Thorough understanding and experience of the Voter Action Network (VAN) or Vote Builder, Labor Activation Network (LAN);
  • Willingness to sign and honor an agreement protecting the integrity of union and partner data;
  • Experience in field mobilization including direct voter/member contact (canvassing, phone banks, or worksite organizing) as well as event planning, execution and turnout for events large and small;
  • Preferred knowledge of and experience with the labor movement;
  • Working knowledge of the electoral, legislative and related processes at federal, state and local levels;
  • Excellent listening, interpersonal, communication and problem solving skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to resolve conflicts while maintaining important and effective relationships;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; writing sample required which includes portion of a plan or past plan used for a campaign
  • Computer proficiency is required; database, spreadsheet, email, internet, word processing, social networking skills.
  • Ability and active license to drive a car and travel as needed.

Application Procedure and Deadline:

All applicants will be evaluated based on the job criteria and qualifications by Central Labor Council of Nashville/Middle TN leadership and AFL-CIO national staff and should be submitted by June 26, 2015.   Applications can be submitted to or mtrammell@aflcio.org.




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Welcome Ironworkers' Local 492


Last month members of Ironworkers' Local 492 voted to affiliate with the Central Labor Council. With more than 300 active members strong, Local 492 has a proud history constructing much of Nashville's skyline.  Ironworkers' Union Members helped construct the LP field, the Music City Center, Korean Veterans Memorial Bridge, and countless other projects.  

"We're proud to welcome the Ironworkers into our Council. We look forward to learning from their perspective and experience as we continue our work together for more dignity, respect, and fairness for all workers." - Vonda McDaniel, CLC President.

Our CLC has now grown by five affiliates in the last 9 months representing a more than 10% growth in the number of workers represented by our Council. 

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