Beacon Center Reveals Itself At State Policy Network Conference



Beacon Center Reveals Itself At State Policy Network Conference

Nashville October 3,  2016 

The Beacon Center is the “Host Think Tank” for the State Policy Network Annual Meeting in Nashville on Oct. 3. State Policy Network has affiliates in almost every state, and they advocate for ALEC model legislation across the country, according to the Center for Media and Democracy.

The State Policy Network conference is sponsored by ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, who create policies we are familiar with in Tennessee, like pre-empting local governments from raising the minimum wage.

The Beacon Center reveals themselves by advertising their sponsors for this year’s “A Night in Music City.” Among them are:

K12, Inc, a for profit education company criticized for poor performance in Tennessee.  

The Atlas Network, which has been linked to climate change denying organizations across the world, and is a self described partner of ALEC, Americans for Prosperity, the Ayn Rand Institute and the Beacon Center.

Advance Financial, a payday lender who reportedly charges 279% annual interest.

Direct Edge, a Republican consulting firm founded by two men with ties to two Koch connected organizations, the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) and Americans for Prosperity (AFP).

And the Charles Koch Institute, one of the many Koch brothers foundations.

It is important for Tennesseans to know that the Beacon Center is connected to a nationwide network of special interests and is affiliated with State Policy Network, a group that has ties to ALEC and the Koch Brothers organizations and will always put their priorities ahead of the working families in Nashville.” - President Vonda McDaniel, Nashville and Middle Tennessee Central Labor Council

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School Board Elections Reward Community Support

                                                 PhoneBank1.jpg                                                                                                         PhoneBank4.jpg   Canvass1.jpg

                         PhoneBank2.jpg      PhoneBank3.jpg

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2016 Metro School Board Endorsements



"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

—Benjamin Franklin


Quality public education is at the foundation of the American Dream.  In recent years we have seen an under appreciation of teachers, school bus drivers, janitors and support staff.  As Nashville booms, too many children are being left behind because of underinvestment in our public schools.  Nashville is the “It City,” yet 1 in 5 residents live in poverty.  Metro Nashville Public Schools can provide two components of the comprehensive solution to that problem: the highest quality education for all children in Nashville; and quality, middle class jobs for residents who choose to dedicate their lives to that effort.


The Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee would like to thank all of our affiliates  that volunteered their time to screen, interview, and deliberate over candidates/endorsements for the upcoming August 4th  election.  We also would like to thank all of the candidates for their willingness to serve our community.  It is after careful deliberation that our central body would like to announce our endorsement and full support of the following candidates.

Metro School Board


                                                                School District 1               Janette Carter


                                                                School District 3                Jill Speering


                                                                School District 7                Will Pinkston

                                                                School District 9                Amy Frogge

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Three Articles This Week Highlight Nashville Preemption



Three Articles This Week Highlight Nashville Preemption

Nashville, April 7,  2016

Across the country, state legislatures are overruling local governments.  In Tennessee, GOP lawmakers have taken this new trend to unprecedented lengths and people are noticing across the country.


Washington Post:  

"Tennessee now has the dubious distinction of being the only state to outlaw cities when they want to spend their own money."


“Having done that, the legislature is now looking to torpedo another idea on which discussions had just started in Nashville: an “inclusionary zoning” ordinance that would require a percentage of new apartment buildings to be priced at below market rates, also common in urban areas where rents are rising quickly


In These Times

“Worker advocates in Tennessee say that preemption laws have repeatedly stymied some of their most important efforts to tackle poverty and working conditions at the local level. Over the past several years Tennessee’s legislature passed laws banning localities from strengthening the enforcement of wage theft, requiring employers to provide paid sick leave, and mandating prevailing wages”



“You also see measures, for instance in Tennessee, where a city wanted to try to ensure that there were rewards for contractors who employed low-income workers or a small percentage - 10 percent - of low-income workers. That was preempted.”


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Tennessee GOP Becomes Their Worst Fear Of Government



Tennessee GOP Becomes Their Worst Fear Of Government

Nashville, February 22,  2016


Republicans used to believe in local control.  For decades now, Republicans have railed against an overreaching, tyrannical federal government.  Yet in Tennessee, where the Republican party has majorities in the House, Senate and hold the Governorship, they have become a the very thing they claim to fear the most, an overreaching government.

State Senator Jack Johnson’s bill to ban “Local Hire” in Nashville overturns the will of more than 56,000 Davidson County voters. Senator Johnson acknowledged this in a recent article in the Tennessean saying:

“Another issue that has been brought in opposition to my bill, which would nullify the charter amendment, is that we are overturning the will of the voters of Nashville,” he said. “In fact we are.” - Sen. Jack Johnson

Davidson County residents passed Amendment 3 to address the systemic poverty that persists amongst its people.  The 2014 census reported that 19% of residents in Davidson County live in poverty.  In Williamson County, where Senator Johnson lives, only 6% of residents are impoverished.  

The median income in Davidson County is $47,335, compared to $89,779 in Williamson County.

Perhaps Senator Johnson is unaware of the struggles of Davidson County because he lives in the 17th richest county in the country.

As Tennessee Republicans add to the growing list of local governance they seek to overturn today, perhaps we should remind them of how they feel about the federal government.  

“We cannot allow Congress to trample on our state’s rights and the personal liberties guaranteed by our federal Constitution,” said Senator Johnson.  “We must push back against this unprecedented abuse of power or there will be no limits on federal authority in the future.” - Senator Jack Johnson

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