CLC Endorsements for May 6th Primary Election (Davidson County)

The Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee would like to thank all of our members who volunteered their time staying late to screen, interview, and deliberate over candidate endorsements for the upcoming May 6th election.  We also would like to thank all of the candidates for their willingness to serve our community.  It is after careful deliberation that our central body would like to announce our endorsement and full support of the following candidates. It is our sincere hope that our collective 16,000 members would take these endorsements into consideration when casting their ballots, and that all working people would fully participate in local politics. 


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Daron Hall


Richard Rooker

Circuit Court Clerk

Brenda Wynn

County Clerk

Howard Gentry

Criminal County Clerk

David A. Smith

Juvenile Court Clerk

Bill Garrett

Register of Deeds

Hamilton Kip Gayden

Circuit Court Division I                                

Amanda McClendon

Circuit Court Division II                                               

Philip Robinson

Circuit Court Division III                                              

Philip Smith

Circuit Court Division IV                             

Joe Binkley Jr.

Circuit Court Division V               

Tom Brothers

Circuit Court Division VI             

David Randall Kennedy

Carol Soloman

Circuit Court Division VII

Circuit Court Division VIII

Claudia Bonnyman

Chancellor, Chancery Part I

Carol L. McCoy

Chancellor, Chancery Part II

Ellen Hobbs Lyle

Chancellor, Chancery Part III

Russell Perkins

Chancellor, Chancery Part IV

Steve R. Dozier

Criminal Court Judge, Division I

J. Randall Wyatt

Criminal Court Judge, Division II

Cheryl Blackburn

Criminal Court Judge, Division III

Seth Norman

Criminal Court Judge, Division IV

Monte Watkins

Criminal Court Judge, Division V

Mark Fishburn

Criminal Court Judge, Division VI

Dawn Deaner

Public Defender

Charlie Cardwell


Gale Robinson

General Session Judge, Division I

James P. McNamara

General Session Judge, Division II

Angelita Blackshear Dalton

General Session Judge, Division III

Vince Wyatt

General Session Judge, Division IV

Dianne Turner

General Session Judge, Division V

Michael F. Mondelli

General Session Judge, Division VI

Wm E. (Bill) Higgins

General Session Judge, Division VII

Rachel L. Bell

General Session Judge, Division VIII

Lynda Jones

General Session Judge, Division IX

Casey Moreland

General Session Judge, Division X

John Aaron Holt

General Session Judge, Division XI

Sophia Crawford

Juvenile Court Judge

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CLC Endorsements for May 6th Primary Election (Davidson County)